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"The Red Clipper's really cool - it's powerful and helps keep me looking my fabulous best. My stylist can choose from a wide range of blades that suits all coat types!" 

Gussie, Bichon Frisé, Rockport, ME
Niki Rickett
"To really make it a "hard test" I preclipped two very dirty, oily dogs to see what your Clipper could really do under the worst circumstances. I was AMAZED!!! I estimate that I..."
Niki Rickett, De Peyster, NY
Susan A. Viveiros
"This clipper is a real workhorse: It cuts easily through the thickest coat...."
Susan A. Viveiros, Tiverton, RI
Coleen France
"Even my husband who is not a groomer likes it!..."
Coleen France, Gettysburg, PA
Leslie Samson
"Angora Rabbits love Aesculap! For the last 20 years, whenever anyone has asked me about what kind of clippers to buy, I have given them only one answer - Aesculap clippers. ..."
Leslie Samson, Ontario, Canada
Philippe Dubois
"If you have a demanding clientèle as we have here in Paris, you need to give them the corresponding service. After more than 26 years of grooming experience I know that the RED CL..."
Philippe Dubois, Paris, France
Kate McMahon
"Cat hair! As a groomer who does many cats, I thought clipper blades jamming were an unavoidable fact of life. Some grooms were SO frustrating I’d feel like screaming! Then I was asked..."
Kate McMahon, Edison, NJ
Daryl Conner
"I have been using the clipper since last winter, and it is unlike anything we have here in the States. It does not use detachable blades, which takes some getting used to, but it is a wo..."
Daryl Conner, Rockport, ME
Serafino, Toelettatura per Cani
"For decades the Aesculap clipper is known in the grooming market as a strong, reliable and precise working tool. It's easy: Every professional groomer needs it...."
Serafino, Toelettatura per Cani, Milano, Italy
Liz Czak, owner, Yankee Clipper Pet Grooming
"I recently tried this clipper for the first time. After using many other brands of clippers in the last 45 years, I can attest to the smooth clipping power of the German Red Clipper...."
Liz Czak, owner, Yankee Clipper Pet Grooming, Rockport, ME


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