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How to compare technical features

Is a higher speed better?
Do you need two or three different speeds?
Is a ceramic blade better than a steel one?

At the first glance the answers seem obvious.
Faster is better. More is better. Ceramic is better.


Lets look at it from a different angel.
Do you want speed or power? All groomers we have talked to wanted power. There are two ways to get the necessary cutting power:

First: you have a very powerful custom build motor which can run relatively slow thus giving you both power and realatively cool blades!

Second: you take a less powerful and cheaper motor and have it run faster thus giving you almost the same power but higher vibrations and heat.

What do you want most from your clipper? If you are like most professional grommers you might want power and reliability.

Does the power increase with more then one speed? NO!
Does the reliability increase with more the one speed? NO!

What do you want from your blades? If you are like most professional grommers you might want precison, cutting power and good economics.

Do you get all the three criteria from creamic blades?
You get precision and cutting power but the economics look very bad for the groomer and very good for the manufacturer.

There is nothing you get from using ceramic blades you will not get from using high quality steel blades!

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