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Clipping Secrets

The secret of longevity

There are three main factors which determine longevity:

First: the design choices.
Second: the materials used.
Third: the craftsmenship applied

Lets look at each factor individually:
Which design choices did we make?

Choice number 1: Shall we use a bigger (more expensive) motor or a smaller (less expensive) motor? We chose the bigger, more powerful motor! Since it can afford to run slower, it lasts longer!
Choice number 2: Shall we use a steel (more durable) or a plastic lever? We chose the more durable steel lever!
Choice number 3: Shall we use a standard (cheaper) or a special blade system? We chose to develop a special blade sytem which combines unmatched cutting power with longevity!
Choice number 4: Shall we use a standard steel or a unique steel for our blades?

We chose to develop a unique steel which gives the RED CLIPPER better performance and longevity!

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