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Red Clipper

... the first choice for professional animal grooming

  • Unmatched cutting power
    Extremely strong motor (1,5 HP-horse power).
    Even a "once a year“ dog can be clipped effortlessly!
  • Extreme reliability:
    Strong ball-bearing motor. Unbreakable casing. Wear-resistant metal oscillating lever.
    Very effective ventilation system.
    The RED CLIPPER will never let you down.
  • Fatigue free clipping through Easy Handling:
    Slim shaped, well-balanced casing. Based on more than 30 years of experience. Excellent grip which still allows quick switch of hand position. The RED CLIPPER allows you to keep on going.
  • Smooth and vibration free running:
    Ball bearing motor. Optimum fit between lever and blade system. Vibration damping casing.
    Fatique free handling and relaxed pets.
  • Safe operation:
    Accessible on/off switch, yet out of regular use area to avoid accidental switching. You do not have to worry about hurting yourself or the pet.
  • Universal applicability:
    17 different sizes and styles of blades.
    You only need one clipper for all clipping jobs: The RED CLIPPER.

    Check out the secrets of the Red Clipper!
    Learn from professional groomers’ experience with the Red Clipper!
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