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Explore in this section what professional groomers all around the world appreciate about the RED CLIPPER!

Niki Rickett De Peyster, NY

Niki Rickett
Niki Rickett, Custom Clips Grooming, De Peyster, NY, says about the RED CLIPPER:

To really make it a "hard test" I preclipped two very dirty, oily dogs to see what your Clipper could really do under the worst circumstances. I was AMAZED!!! I estimate that I saved 1/2 the time (and therefore made twice the money). What a time saver!!!

THERE WAS ABSOLUTELY NO VIBRATION because of your locking blade system!!!

I've come to the conclusion that my wrist problems are not due to the weight of my clipper, but the stress due to vibrating clipper blades and having to push the clipper through the coat! What a "hand saver"!

I have to say that the German Red Clipper has surpassed my greatest expectations. Thank you for providing groomers with such a great tool!


Susan A. Viveiros Tiverton, RI

Susan A. Viveiros
Susan A. Viveiros, Grooming by Susan, Tiverton, RI, says about the RED CLIPPER:

This clipper is a real workhorse: It cuts easily through the thickest coat.


Coleen France Gettysburg, PA

Coleen France
Coleen France, Gettysburg, PA, says about the RED CLIPPER:

Even my husband who is not a groomer likes it!


Leslie Samson Ontario, Canada

Leslie Samson
Leslie Samson, President, International German Angora Rabbit Breeders Association Brantford, Ontario, Canada, says about the RED CLIPPER:

Angora Rabbits love Aesculap!

For the last 20 years, whenever anyone has asked me about what kind of clippers to buy, I have given them only one answer - Aesculap clippers.

There is no other clipper that compares to this equipment!


Kathy & Ed Coffman BayCrest Akitas, USA

Kathy & Ed Coffman, owner of 'Grooming Tails Pet Boutique', BayCrest Akitas, USA, say about the RED CLIPPER:
We used one Red Clipper for YEARS (till we began using the C/V). The very best thing about these clippers is all of the blades have a tension adjustment on them so when they begin to dull you only need to turn the adjustment about a 1/8 of a turn and they are just like brand new again. Of course they MUST be hollow ground with a great deal of precision - but when you get a good blade man who truly understands the "hollow ground" concept - these clippers and blades are a dream - they will cut through a wet matted cocker like butter.

Marlene Laufer Kibbutz Hazorea, Israel

Marlene Laufer, owner of 'Sipur Archer', Kibbutz Hazorea, Israel, says about the RED CLIPPER:
I have been using Aesculap since I was 12 which is 45++ ago. I have two that work and 3 that belong in a museum, they are about 40 yrs old. I still have some of the original blades. They are strong. They do cut through thick coats. The only problem is the blades. You can use only their blades NOT any other kind. They are not cheap but quality.

Philippe Dubois Paris, France

Philippe Dubois
Philippe Dubois, professional groomer from Paris, France says about the RED CLIPPER:

If you have a demanding clientèle as we have here in Paris, you need to give them the corresponding service. After more than 26 years of grooming experience I know that the RED CLIPPER is one of the tools which can help you achieving this goal. For me it is the one and only clipping machine.


Kate McMahon Edison, NJ

Kate McMahon
Kate McMahon, owner of 'Kate's Kitty Jungle', Edison, USA, says about the RED CLIPPER:
Cat hair! As a groomer who does many cats, I thought clipper blades jamming were an unavoidable fact of life. Some grooms were SO frustrating I’d feel like screaming! Then I was asked to test the RED CLIPPER and shown how the tension could be adjusted so that fine cat hair wouldn’t jam the blade. It works! I no longer have to stop every few minutes to clean hair out of the blade. It’s smooth and quiet on all types of coats. I love this clipper!


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Daryl Conner Rockport, ME

Daryl Conner
Daryl Conner, Master Pet Stylist, says about the RED CLIPPER:

I have been using the clipper since last winter, and it is unlike anything we have here in the States. It does not use detachable blades, which takes some getting used to, but it is a wonderful tool and worth the adaptation! Those really thick coats, like wooley spaniel backs and mammoth heavy coats that you practically have to gnaw off with your teeth? The RED CLIPPER goes right through 'em, leaving no clipper marks, just a smooth flawless finish. They are built to last, too... 25 years of use is not unheard of. I hope I am around to still be grooming in 25 years with my new RED CLIPPER :-) 


Serafino, Toelettatura per Cani Milano, Italy

Serafino, Toelettatura per Cani
Serafino, owner of 'Toelettatura per cani', Milano, Italy, says about the RED CLIPPER:
For decades the Aesculap clipper is known in the grooming market as a strong, reliable and precise working tool. It's easy: Every professional groomer needs it.

Liz Czak, owner, Yankee Clipper Pet Grooming Rockport, ME

Liz Czak, owner, Yankee Clipper Pet Grooming
Liz Czak, owner, Yankee Clipper Pet Grooming, Rockport, ME says about the RED CLIPPER:
I recently tried this clipper for the first time. After using many other brands of clippers in the last 45 years, I can attest to the smooth clipping power of the German Red Clipper.
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