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Have you ever wanted a clipper which would allow you to cut every kind of coat effortlessly? Why has it been so difficult to find it? Because it takes decades of experience and a total dedication to quality and craftsmanship to build such a machine. We have been doing this for almost 100 years! Customers all over the world are telling us that the cutting power of the Red Clipper is unmatched in the industry. The Red Clipper is so powerful that it goes through even the thickest coat like a hot knife through butter! Even shearing a "once a year dog" becomes easier than you might imagine.

Have you ever wished to own a Clipper which will never let you down?
Because we have put all our hearts and souls into its production, its reliability is unique. We can afford to you a warranty of up to 10 years on the motor. Some of our customers have used their clipper for more than 30 years!
Have you been looking for a clipper and blades which are perfect for any kind of dog and cat?
Forget about having to use different clippers for different kind of jobs. The Red Clipper can do it all for you. It's powerful enough for even the most challenging coat, yet versatile enough to use on every pet you groom.
Are you worrying about your clipper breaking down?
As an owner of  the Red Clipper you can say Good Bye to this worry. We use only the best and most expensive materials in our clippers. E.g. The oscillating lever is of course not made of plastic but made of solid steel. The motor is made in the heart of Germany.
What unique benefits could you as an owner of the Red Clipper enjoy?
Peace of mind!
A well-maintained clipper will never let you down and will serve you for decades. Some of our customers have been using it for more than 30 years.
A more profitable business!
Due to the power and reliability of the Red Clipper you can do more business during the same time.
The pleasure of working with a truely professional tool. The Red Clipper is such a tool. It is well balanced, has a nice grip, is quiet yet powerful at the same time.
The admiration of fellow groomers and customers for the speed and quality of your work.
Why is the cutting performance of the Red Clipper unmatched in the industry?
The blades are made from a special high-performance steel which formerly has been kept secret for decades.
The unique cutting system with adjustable blade pressure ensures consistently high cutting power.
Only the highest quality materials are used in the construction of this clipper. All parts are produced in Germany and assembled and tested by German craftsmen.
Are you fed-up with spending a lot of time and money on cooling your blades?
Since the motor of the Red Clipper is so powerful it does not need to run at a very high speed. The clipper and blades stay cooler than faster running clippers.
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